Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Stinky Bitch of Doom

I actually saw this "review" posted on one of my files before I went off to work this afternoon but did not have time to blog it at the time. During the course of the evening I decided that it would be a waste of valuable time I could spend doing something more enjoyable if I were to type a long ranting response to it. Instead, I'll simply post a screenshot and let it speak for itself:
If any DoomWorld flag-wavers are thinking of leaving comments here attempting to convince me that this is the sort of thing that I should just learn to live with because it's just the way things are, let me assure you that it would also be a waste of your time to do so; no such arguments will persuade me to believe that this sort of trolling is acceptable.

EDIT: 04/28/2012

Okay, I take back some of what I've said. Maybe the Archive Maintainer isn't all bad after all. The "stinky bitch" comment has finally been deleted. Still, looking at my other uploaded files, I can't fathom the methodology he uses for deleting comments.


  1. *raises eyebrow* So exactly where are the maps you added to your Randomizer? I don't remember any new levels to play through after I installed it? I just get more confused the more I read of that drivel.

  2. Yes, I know, I really have to proof-read my posts before posting them...

  3. That comment was left on one of my other well-loved projects.

  4. *facepalm* D'oh! Okay, I'm not so confused as embarrassed now XD
    Note to self: stop taking things out of context...and proof read before posting.

  5. It's okay. I stopped publicly promoting the maps after Andrew J. Apted himself in a DoomWorld forum thread declared that the maps were not drawn by me but by his OBLIGE program instead. I could spend my every waking moment from here to eternity posting screenshots here comparing my maps to OBLIGE maps and never be able to compete with that testimonial, so I just let it go and totally deleted the project blog.

  6. It is things like that, that would make one reconsider publicly releasing any work you do. I'm sure the idea of doing so wanders around in you head at times.

    1. The idea has been wandering around in my head quite a bit lately, but then I read the latest rash of comments on the randomizer complaining that it's too difficult and I just laugh.

  7. I learned early on, at your suggestion, I believe, to save my game just before finishing the level, so as to be able to reset a level if I found it too difficult. I think I may have done that 20 or so times, across the whole of the three parts of Doom, then Doom 2, Plutonia and TNT. And I am most certainly not a proficient Doom player.