Monday, January 30, 2012


Not to be confused with the classic Doom sourceport LEGACY, this is the page where I intend to leave an often-updated and thus ever-growing list of download links for my favorite Doom maps and map sets. Sooner or later too many cigarettes and Reese's Cups are going to do me in (or I'm going to get hit by a bus) and it just seems to me that it would be a shame for me to have put a lot of work into collecting quality maps and creating custom MAPINFO lumps and the like only to see them be lost forever and never be enjoyed by anyone else. Thus I will continue to post here links to all my uploaded projects for use with the ZDoom and GZDoom sourceports (and any others that support MAPINFO lumps). This is in no way any kind of attempt to take credit for the fine works listed here; I merely do this to share these works with other players who otherwise might have missed them. Like my page of general game-related downloads, a link to this page will always be present in the blog's sidebar.


EDIT: 05/07/2012

Well, that's what I had intended to do, but unfortunately file servers can't be relied upon to keep my files around for very long. So, instead of sharing convenient map compilations as described above, I'll just have to be satisfied with sharing my favorite Doom content by providing download links to the individual files. Sorry, but that appears to be the best I can do for now. Don't worry, though; I'm still looking for great sets of maps and will add more to this list periodically.

SOURCEPORTS and Accessories

ZDoom by Randy Heit
GZDoom by Graf Zahl
DRD Team SVN Builds
ZDoom Launcher (various versions and authors)
UNLEASHED by Martin Allen

Editing Tools

DoomBuilder by CodeImp
OBLIGE random map generator by Andrew Apted


PlayStation Doom Music WAD (Aubrey Hodges)


N64 Doom Music WAD (Aubrey Hodges)

Doom 64 music WAD at DOOM DEPOT

PSXSM (PlayStation Style Music)

Herculine's Doom Upgrade: Anniversary Edition

My very own monster and item randomizer for use with ZDoom and GZDoom. You can read more about it HERE.

The most recent version of the mod can be downloaded HERE or from the DoomWorld/id Games Archives.
BLIND ALLEY by Gene Bird

A set of 15 well-crafted Doom 2 maps, some of which are famous for their inclusion in the popular Community Chest map compilations.

BLIND ALLEY DoomWorld/id Games Archive search results.
TAB by Michael Contorno

53 often overlooked and underestimated Doom 2 maps from a prolific mapper.

TAB DoomWorld/id Games Archive search results.

MONOLITH by Richard Wiles

The complete Monolith and "Dickie" map sets for a total of 16 challenging levels of Doom 2 carnage.

Dickie and Monolith DoomWorld/id Games Archive search results.
CAOS by Antonio Moreno

10 interesting Doom 2 maps for the intermediate player.

CAOS DoomWorld/id Games Archive search results.
AXE by Anthony Connor

8 spacious maps from 1997, including a tribute to the band Metallica.

AXE DoomWorld/id Games Archive search results.


  1. Editing tools? Sweet! Not like to make my list of projects any longer than it already is.

    Oh, and if you stay away from the road, you should reduce your chances of getting hit by a bus, at least theoretically...

  2. @Druuler:

    Heh heh... yes, one of my goals here is for Classic Doomers to always have something to do. For example, I just added to the list a set of 53 maps by Michael Contorno. Perhaps the greatest thing about this game is that there's never a shortage of maps to play.

  3. Yeah, keeping up with 2011 alone on my schedule constituted maybe four months of updates when I started and the list has only gotten longer.

  4. @KMX E XII:

    Honestly I don't know how you do it. Seems like you're posting a new detailed WAD review every day and lately I have to force myself to write two sentences about my favorites. Where do you get the time and motivation?

  5. I have self-imposed deadlines, which helps. Writing the level by level details is pretty easy. Play a map, write down the paragraph review, and move on. The opening summary is often the harder part and typically involves some amount of research so I can put the WAD in its proper historical context. Past that I play in my spare time, but it's not that consuming. Then I have to come up with the stinger, which is often as easy as a YouTube video or a quote, but in some cases a bit more laborious, as you'll see in my review of the Mandrill Ass Project.

    More than anything, though, the biggest drive enhancers I've had are when the authors themselves stop by and drop their own comments, like Valkiriforce or Skillsaw for recent authors or past icons like Tom Mustaine and recently Chris Klie. I hope some day John Anderson stumbles across my reviews of the inferno episode and gets the not-so-subtle hint to complete and release Lethe.

  6. Nice list. This makes me want to get back to Dooming, haven't played it since Skyrim is out...

    Hey how about a map randomizer? This would be the most unplayable mess of randomness ever, i'd love it!

  7. @De Vloek:

    Indeed. LOL

    The best I can do at the moment is point folks to the OBLIGE homepage. I'll add the link to my little list here later tonight; right now I'm in the middle of typing up a new and totally unrelated post. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Cool. Now i remember using an early Oblige version many years ago, but the maps were damn ugly and generally not much fun to play.
    It's nice to see the project is still being worked on. I'll grab the latest version and try it this weekend together with your randomizer.

  9. @De Vloek:

    That sounds dangerous... XD

  10. I've recently discovered that many of my links on this page are now defunct. It is my intention to rectify this issue but can only do as much as my free time allows. So far the links to the music wads are fixed; more will follow.

  11. :) I am starting to play DooM again, after all these years of Call of Duties and Battlefields its time to grab oldie but goodie. And the source port for beloved BLOOD (monolith) is almost finished as well, might play the complete package! Thanks for giving some nice (SERIOUS DOOM ONLY BASED) monster randomizer to try out on the endless stream of megawads out there. I do love what realm667 is doing atm, giving the people a warehouse full of sprites textures , soundeffects and new monstahs!

    1. I'm always glad to hear of people coming back to DOOM! While I've listed on this page the sourceports and utilities that I prefer, I also recommend doing some Googling since what I like isn't always the best for everyone. JDoom (Doomsday) is good too, but I find it limited where modding the game is concerned. Thanks for taking the time to comment and keep enjoying the game!