Thursday, October 20, 2011


In an effort to keep the blog sidebar from becoming a virtual mile long, links to the download sources of game mods either created by me or simply recommended by me will be listed in this often updated post which will in turn have a single link always present in the sidebar. (I'll try to remember to specify in parentheses which game a mod is for and keep them grouped accordingly; in keeping with the new spirit of the blog, eventually all sorts of things will be listed here.)

ENB Series 091 d3d9.dll (Skyrim)

Hard-coded Key Tweak (Skyrim)

Herculine's NWN Female Portrait Pack (Neverwinter Nights)(NWN Vault)

Herculine's NWN Female Portrait Pack (Neverwinter Nights)(NWN Nexus)

OHS Henchman System (Neverwinter Nights)

CM Partners Mod Basic (Oblivion)

Herculine's Ainmhi CM Companions (Oblivion) (site membership required)

Herculine's Tabaxi CM Companions (Oblivion)

Herculine's Drakin CM Companions (Oblivion)

Herculine's Ayleid Ruins Textures (Oblivion)

Nehrim Fast Travel 2011 (Oblivion)(requires Nehrim)

RR Companions Vault (Fallout 3)

Herculine's RR Scouts (Fallout 3) (site membership required)

Type 3 female body replacer (Fallout 3) (site membership required)

Ling's Finer Things/Pretty Things combo (Fallout 3) (site membership required)

Ling's Finer Things/Pretty Things combo (Fallout 3) GameFront Download Link

Herculine's RR Shojo Companions (Fallout 3)

Nos' RR Companions (Fallout 3)

Ariana, Bernie & Brooke RR Companions (Fallout 3)

NCCS - NosCo Companion System (Fallout New Vegas)

Herculine's NCCS Shojo Companions (Fallout New Vegas)

Bernie Sniper Girl NCCS Companion (Fallout New Vegas)

Brooke NCCS Companion (Fallout New Vegas)

prBoom+ (Classic Doom Sourceport)

zDoomGL (Classic Doom Sourceport)

Cool ROMs (classic game emulators)

Dope ROMs (classic game emulators)

EmuAsylum (classic game emulators)

BrotherSoft (classic game emulators)

The Emulator Zone (classic game emulators)

Get Your ROMs (classic game emulators)


  1. Thanks for the list of links Herculine! I will have to check out the Oblivion mods soon. And once I get around to re-installing NWN, I will take a peek at those links.

  2. No problem. More stuff will appear here in the due course of time, but will likely be accompanied by a separate post containing some sort of review or something so it's not like you'll need to constantly check this page.

  3. Quite the companion roster you've uploaded over the years, isn't it?

  4. Companions? Meh, I've done a few here and there...

  5. You could probably take over a small country with them.

    Or maybe a big one :)

  6. Helo ! Please, where can i download xCALIBRUniverse_FWE_Tactical.esp and xCALIBRuniverse_LingsPrettyThing.esp and xCALIBRuniverse_LingsBrokenSteel.esp... ? Help me please.

  7. @Vince:

    IDK, but if I happen upon them in my websplorations I will let you know.

  8. Thanks, the problem is that we can't find this mods on Nexus, because on moderation... I'm waiting for you.