Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blogging Friends

Back in the good ol' days when this blog focused upon a single game I mentioned that KMX E XII was writing a blog called Doomed and that it was worthy of attention. I still maintain that assertion; if you're interested in info and in-depth reviews of classic Doom maps and megaWADs then Doomed is definitely a good place to start.

However, since then the direction of my own blog has changed considerably, expanding to cover whatever games I might be interested in at any given time. In light of that fact it's only fair that I mention a few of the other game-oriented blogs that I follow.

Adventures In Morrowind is a blog by Jack The Reaper that lists links to many great sources for mods for Morrowind. I should probably point out that Jack hasn't made a new post there in about 3 months and I have no idea whether he's already abandoned the project or quite simply is too busy or whatever. Despite that fact, it's still a great source for some starting info if you're just getting into searching for Morrowind mods, and it saves me the trouble of having to list all those links here. Definitely worth a look for Morrowind fans.

Over at Nos' Mods you can find info regarding the current projects and focuses of NosCo, the corporate entity of which I happen to be a junior member. Though mainly focusing on Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, the content also looks back to Oblivion from time to time and Nos often shares with us some rare mods that we otherwise might never have heard of. Plenty of useful links can be found in the blog's sidebar for mods both authored by Nos and recommended by Nos.

Druuler's Comicville is the home of the web comic The Phoenix Imperative, a great comic using game screenshots. Though the story is beginning in the universe of the Fallout games, don't be surprised if it branches into some other well-known universes as well. Druuler's been doing a great job on this project and it's definitely worthy of attention.

When he's not taking screenshots, Druuler is also involved with some hefty modding projects. You can get more info about those at Druuler's Mod Centre. Though it's still a work-in-progress, I'm quite interested in the Resident Evil/Fallout project and I'm keeping my eye on it.

This post might seem kinda superfluous since the majority of my readers are the authors of the blogs mentioned here, but it's my hope that some newcomers might happen by and find these of interest. If you're reading this and are indeed such a person, I recommend clicking the links included here. In my honest opinion, the content is definitely worth a look.

Until next time, game on...


  1. I got a link and plug!

    I think I'm gonna faint...

    ...Seriously, I don't think that's ever happened before...

  2. Thank you for the links and the mentions Herculine, both mine and those of the others. I will eventually have to check out all of them, except Nos' of course, as I already follow that one. Your support and interest in my projects is also greatly appreciated :D

  3. Oh hey I got top billing

    I have a lot of newer games to play through and sadly the Bethesda FPF games are not among them. Fallout 3 is, though. I can't say I'm that interested in the mod scene for more recent games but I applaud their creative spirit.