Monday, January 7, 2013 Nexus to rule them all...

Quite recently my attention has been returning to The Elder Scrolls series of games and in turn the modding sites for said games. One of my go-to sites for mods for Bethesda games has always been the Oblivion Nexus which, until recently, also included Morrowind mods. When I first got into game modding, this mod-hosting site and its forums were all webmaster Robin "Dark0ne" Scott had to offer us. Then Bethesda gave us Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and shortly thereafter the Dark0ne gave us the Fallout 3 Nexus and the Fallout New Vegas Nexus. Later came the Skyrim Nexus. For fans and modders of Bethesda's Gamebryo-based games The Nexus Sites had become one of the mod-hosting sites most instrumental in unifying their gaming community.

So you might be asking yourselves: why is Herculine giving us this little history lesson seeming to praise the Nexus family of sites?

As I was browsing Oblivion mods today I accidentally stumbled upon the new front page. I had known for some time now that Dark0ne had expanded his horizons by adding Nexus sites for Dragon Age and The Witcher, but until today I was unaware that the Nexus family now includes sites for over fifteen different games. Mister Scott seems to be building quite an empire lately. Which reminds me of the famous quote regarding the British Empire: "On her dominions the sun never sets." I suppose it could now be said that the sun never sets on NexusMods.

At this discovery my initial "knee-jerk" reaction was to think that Robin Scott must be simply creating new extensions of his Nexus whenever a new installment from any of his favorite game franchises hits the retail shelves. However, that is perhaps a bit harsh and unfair. Since roughly half the current Nexus sites involve my own favorite games like Neverwinter Nights, I really should thank Dark0ne for giving their mods another home because it's the mods that help keep these great games alive.

I do, however, have one question for Mister Scott: where's the Mass Effect Nexus?