Sunday, June 30, 2013

Once you go Redguard...

Really not much to report at the moment; just thought I'd share a few more screenshots. I'm still playing Oblivion and tweaking my ever-growing band of companions. Apparently I was in the mood for a specific flavor when I created these companions from one of my variations of the Ainmhi nekomimi race...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Into Oblivion

Today I got my hands on the latest version of Skyrim, the Legendary Edition. So what's the logical thing to do now? Well, play Oblivion of course!

I've spent the last two weeks working to get my current install of Oblivion into a heavily-modded state that I'd be satisfied playing an actual long-term campaign with, so despite the allure of another shiny new Elder Scrolls game this afternoon I decided to start an Oblivion campaign from scratch.

The first companion I picked up was Svatava, who was originally a CM Partners companion until I decided to graft her onto one of the popular GGC Companions (minus the face paint you'll see in the last screenshot of this post). I like the scripting of these companions so I thought this time around my followers shouldn't be exclusively CM Partners. However, once I had taken Svatava through Vilverin (fully enhanced by Martigen's Monster Mod and Francesco's Creatures and Items Mod) I decided that, despite the increased number of enemies, she was just a bit too powerful for me to be traveling with so early in the game. So, on the fly, I polished up one of my Ainmhi works-in-progress and added her to the game. (That's one of the great things about CM Partners: you can pretty much add new characters or remove them whenever you want without worrying that it might bork the game.)
In full sunlight Frona is a bit paler than I'd prefer, but I used a pale freckled skin texture to begin with and it seems to fit well with the whole pink motif she seems to have fallen into.

I'm also unusually satisfied with how my player character has evolved. Usually she looks a bit more rugged and butch, but this time she ended up looking a bit more glamorous somehow. Doesn't seem to be a bad thing, though.
So anyway, that's what I've been up to.

I'll leave you now with this last, older screenshot that's a nice example of how things can change as my creative process runs its course: