Tuesday, October 11, 2011

More Faces

This afternoon I finally got around to finishing the update to my Neverwinter Nights Female Portrait Pack and got it uploaded:
As you can see here, this time around I decided to keep my word and in an attempt to be politically correct included a pair of Orcs (or Half-Orcs if you wish) for those players who simply must have female Orcs. I hate to disappoint my critics, but this endeavor required a bit more work than simply copy/pasting a couple of images and then running them through a color filter. However, I think my "morphing" skills were up to the task and I succeeded in maintaining a delicate balance between traditionally Orcish features and feminine contours. It also took a bit of tweaking to get them just the right shade of Hulk-green. Having made that reference now, I should also mention that it was totally unintentional that the short-haired one ended up looking so much like Lou Ferrigno...
Speaking of political correctness, those of you who are familiar with my RR Scouts surely have noticed that in my projects I generally attempt to maintain a level of variety where ethnicity is concerned. However, in this case such an ethnic balance unfortunately is a bit more difficult through no immediate fault of my own. The sources of the images I've been using simply aren't as diverse (and yet I found several images of elves...) Perhaps I'll do a third portrait pack and attempt to rectify that situation then.

And just as proof to the naysayers, the portraits do indeed actually work in the game:
And with that, I suppose it's time to either get back to actually playing something or to start on that third portrait pack...


  1. I haven't been over at the Neverwinter Vault for quite some time now. It has been years, actually, but maybe I should remember to take a look around there and see what else besides this that might catch my eye. I must say, Herculine, that you managed to include quite a number of pretty faces with this one, in my opinion at least. This could be worth getting , if I ever go back to playing NWN, let alone find my disks...

  2. The Neverwinter Nights Vault still gets new content and WIPs uploaded fairly frequently considering the age of the game. There's definitely a lot of good content there for anyone seriously considering getting back into the game.

  3. I have been considering it. I have quite a number of conversions of the old modules that I have been dying to use in a campaign, but just haven't had the time. Maybe I should install the game, mod it up, pull out my 8 port Ethernet switch and get the gang together for some D+D, minus the dice ;)

  4. I like these portraits but now I'm thinking of starting NWN again on top of the other games in my backlog. Noooo! >_<

  5. @Kirtai:

    So many games, so little time...