Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skyrim Nexus

It was recently announced here in the Nexus Forums that the Skyrim Nexus has already been launched in anticipation of the impending release of the game.

In the forum thread I concisely expressed my thanks to Dark0ne (a.k.a. Robin Scott) for his continued efforts as well as to the other Nexus members who have been keeping us abreast of the current Skyrim developments. Just for the record, that wasn't butt-kissing ('cuz I don't do butt-kissing).

To be perfectly honest, despite any disagreements I might have with the Nexus staff or their policies, the bottom line is that, were it not for the Nexus sites, the mods available there and the friends I've made there, my experiences with these games would have been greatly diminished.

Though it might be a while before I can actually afford to own the new game, I'm looking forward to it, more new mods, enjoying them with the friends I've made and perhaps even learning a few new modding tricks and making a few new friends along the way.


  1. I am looking forward to the release of Skyrim with as much anticipation as I did for New Vegas last year: absolutely none! I am happy to know that the franchise will be continued for the foreseeable future, but I will most definately need a new rig to play it on, and that is something that currently is not in the budget. Besides, if I wait a year or so, the game should be sufficiently patched and enough DLCs released to make it worth my while to purchase. That is assuming, of course, I am not completely anti-steam by that point.

    Also, within a year's time, there should be enough mods released for it by talents such as yourself, Nos and a few others, to increase my interest in playing.

    The Nexus and some of its membership have begun to rub me the wrong way over the last few months, but it is my "home site", where I found my first mods, and was lucky enough to meet all of my on-line gaming/modding friends, yourself, of course, included :)

  2. @Druuler:

    Though phrased a bit differently, my sentiments exactly. I'm hoping I can get away without buying a new rig, but then the ratio of my gaming hours tips in favor of older games anyway so such thoughts can wait indefinitely.

  3. I do have a fairly new rig but I don't feel any real anticipation for Skyrim either. It just doesn't seem to grab me. Not sure why.

    Though that might change when nice mods start appearing :)

  4. I guess I've just been hooked on these games from the first time I played Morrowind. I know they have their flaws, but despite efforts by other developers to duplicate the formula of Bethesda other wannabe games just aren't the same.

  5. As I said, I'm not sure why it's not caught me.

    I liked the original Arena which I played on the computers at work since mine wasn't up to it (ah, the wonders of working offsite :) but somehow managed to miss the others until recently.

    I really should get around to playing Morrowind but then I look at the graphics, then look at setting up modded graphics, then go back to whatever else I was doing >_<

  6. Meh. Graphics aren't everything and definitely don't define a good game in my book. At least Morrowind is rendered with 3-D graphics and lighting instead of using 2-D sprites!

  7. No, graphics aren't everything but the right level of graphics make things nicer. Consider Doom with high res textures on gzdoom :)
    Even 2D sprites or even text are perfect for games of those types. I still have a collection of text adventures I play occasionally (dating myself a little I think)

  8. I'm feeling pretty much zero excitement for Skyrim.

    Aside from the fact that it's Bethsoft and so the game will be horribly broken when it goes gold and will need a year of patches to be half-assedly playable; it'll also mean giving up pretty much all our custom resources until and unless someone with the requisite skills decides to port them.

    Plus, I have to have a new system for it; there's no getting around that -- and it's $600+ I really don't want to spend on electronics right now.

    Lastly... as a modder of some little but inexplicable renown... I shudder in fear at the new Skyrim Nexus. When the Nexus was just Oblivion and FO3 it wasn't so bad. Since adding DA and NV Nexii though, the number of morons with entitlement complexes has skyrocketed. I can barely imagine what sort of tide of retards adding yet another Nexus is going to bring in. Skyrim modding is going to be a very scary place -- regardless of the actual toolset involved.

  9. I agree that graphics are not everything, but they sure kept me from seriously getting into Oblivion for the longest time. Still haven't started up Morrowind, come to think of it. If I can get past the graphics, and discover how the game plays and if the story is good or not, then I could probably stick with whatever game I was trying. Being extremely buggy and glitch-ridden won't help with my continued interest, but I think that is something we can all agree upon, at least some what.

  10. On graphics: the great thing about Oblivion -- and what makes you forget you're playing a five year old game -- is the staggering amount of Hi-res/Super hi-res replacement textures you can get. I've got sets of uncompressed 2048px HGEC skin textures that just look outstanding. Combined with some hi-res armor and weapons, and nature-y textures, you can actually totally overdo it and drag even a newer system to its knees.

    I know I had to get rid of some texture replacers because my 2.4ghz Athlon with a GF8800GTS was trying to roll over and die from it all.

    As it is, I still have to keep some draw distances scaled back to keep the PC from complaining because of how ramped-up all the NPCs are.

    I've heard of (but never attempted to download) NPC textures that run at 4096... but I figured that would be tempting fate -- even if it would be so pretty.

    I know Morrowind has some improved textures available, but I don't recall whether there's anything in the league of MBP or XEO.

  11. I've seen some awesome screenshots of modded Morrowind but sorting through what you need seems to be an even bigger task than Oblivion due to age and stuff disappearing.

    The 4096 textures are indeed very pretty though I've been playing with Brittainys Lush and Gaudy sets for extra (not too high rez) colourfulness :)

    BTW, even with an i7-2600k ,GTX570 & 8GB, Oblivion, FO3 and NV all have really long load times and also stutter like crazy right after fast travelling with the highest rez texture packs. They make me want to buy an SSD >_<