Thursday, April 5, 2012


Glancing today at my aforementioned file entry over at the DoomWorld/id Games Archives I noticed something quite odd. The voting stats have dropped from almost 80 votes back down to 30 votes and from 3.5 stars back down to 2.5 stars. So not only has the "Archive Maintainer" deleted over half of the votes for the file but he has also deleted the majority of the positive votes and left the majority of the negative votes.

Now, the folks over there love to tell me that I'm overly sensitive and should stop crying about this, but I can't possibly be the only one who can see that this is wrong, can I?


  1. I myself would consider that to be more than a little strange. Especially since I stopped believing in "coincidence" several years ago...

  2. Looks like bias from the community leaders combined with herd behaviour at its best (or worst).

  3. I reported a review on your page (one of the many "IDGAMES SUCKS!" reviews that have popped up on ALL wads lately), which explains a few of the reviews getting taken down. Your randomizer is a well-known source of mild flame-wars, which makes it possible that certain trolls began "silent" bumping (voting w/ out comment) in an attempt to keep the community arguing, and ultimately, look worse than it actually is.

    The archive maintainers have to do a lot of clean-up lately. My own recent release got up to 11 votes and is now back down to 8 (though the rating hasn't changed). It's highly doubtful that the votes got deleted for no reason or, worse as a result of some bias against you wad.

    If my report led to a massive clean-up that deleted some legitimate reviews, I apologize. It had to be done, though.


    1. I saw the spam comment you reported; I don't fault you for taking action. Childish spam like that is one of the main reasons I dislike the way the Archive is set up and managed. Still, I can't help but be confused if it takes deleting around 40 votes, both positive and negative, to get rid of one spam comment.

    2. My only explanation would be that the archive maintainers don't really look into who's actually voting unless it's reported, and thus, didn't notice if one person found a way to vote multiple times on a wad. As a result, maybe the just now realized a problem... just a theory. Who knows if it's true. The same spam comment was reported on multiple wads, but alas, I don't keep track of vote counts, so I can't say just how many have been deleted recently.

      I also find /idgames to be poorly set up, but I have neither the knowledge nor the position in the community to suggest any changes for now. It is what is.