Thursday, April 12, 2012

And again...

Another glance at my uploaded file over at the DoomWorld/idGames Archives shows that the trend is continuing; almost everything spoken in defense of the file is deleted while the trolling comments are allowed to remain and no one is permitted to respond to them.

Why don't you assholes save us all some time and grief and just delete the whole damned file permanently?


  1. "Why don't you assholes save us all some time and grief and just delete the whole damned file permanently?"

    Because that would make them seem biased and unfair.

    No, better to just delete the positives so you look like the one with the problem...

    1. I guess I've just grown accustomed to modern, civilized gaming sites where if someone leaves a stupid troll comment on my uploaded file I'm actually allowed to respond to the comment.

    2. It's one thing to respond to trolls, and another to go down the road of "Let's see you do better" fallacy that has plagued all communities for a long time. A person doesn't have to be a chef to know when their food tastes decent, doesn't have to be a musician to know when a song sounds good, etc.

      It's another rule of /idgames that multiple votes don't come from the same individual within a certain timeframe. There are plenty of ways around this, but there are also plenty of ways to spot someone trying to work around the system. I can't stress enough how this isn't specific to your wad.

      For the record, there are still a decent number of mixed and positive reviews left on the page. When you upload something to the archives, you are willingly exposing yourself to anonymity. It's why I don't get upset when someone posts "Super crap 0/0" on my wads.

      Randomizers and their association with Realm667 are always going to generate knee-jerk reactions. This isn't some sort of conspiracy against your wad so much as it is a continued historic trend. While I understand that this may be upsetting, this is just something one needs to be prepared for ahead of time.

      Rather than trying to get your wad taken down, why not just be satisfied with the fact that there are people out there who enjoy and use Upgrade whilst taking the troll comments with a grain of salt?

  2. But when someone posts "Super crap 0/0" on one of your WADs, don't you think you should be permitted the opportunity to respond?

    "Okay friend, so you think my WAD is 'super crap'; provide me with some specific examples as to why you feel this way so that your constructive criticism might help me produce better projects in the future."

    Also, the anonymous posting should have been done away with years ago and people should be required to post comments using their DoomWorld forum ID. Any other gaming forum I belong to works in exactly such a manner (and I use the same handle on all of them). As it stands now, the archive is just a place where children can run around shouting "nya nya" at each other.

    And yes, I do thank the people who have given me positive feedback on the project or even gone so far as to say they liked it. Still, since it's my file and I've likely paid more attention to it than others, I can't overlook the fact that more negative comments remain while the replies between those negative comments have been deleted repeatedly.

    The bottom line is that the system over there is very broken and though it's not likely to ever change I still feel like bitching about it.

  3. Why don't you assholes save us all some time and grief and just delete the whole damned file permanently?
    You said it yourself, it's because they're assholes.