Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Knee-Deep in the Randomizer

Anonymous critics have said multiple times that my Upgrade randomizer mod makes Doom an unbalanced, unplayable mess. It has also been said that I didn't test it with anything, that I just threw some crap together and then uploaded it to the Archives without any thought. I realize that even after these critics see evidence to the contrary with their own eyes that they will likely still have some senseless, cowardly anonymous insults to post, but I wasted my time making this FRAPS video anyway.

This is me playing the entire first chapter of Ultimate Doom with my Doom Upgrade mod on Ultra-Violence without saving, reloading, cheating, dying or stopping to piss. If RL permits I might make videos of the other chapters as well, but to be perfectly honest I think it's ridiculous that it should be necessary to make any videos at all.

I apologize somewhat ("somewhat" because it's not entirely my fault) for the poor quality of the flash video. The original AVI file was over 60GB and if it didn't make YouTube shit itself then it definitely would have taken a month to upload and eventually would be deleted. I did my best with the resources available.

If anyone actually watches this, you may notice that the MegaSphere I picked up in the Phobos Anomaly map was invisible. That's because, after all this time, I forgot to copy to my WAD the sprites for this power-up which does not exist in Ultimate Doom. Just a small oversight which I will need to correct in a future update.

EDIT: A dozen DoomWorld comments later...

If you view this video you might also note that "My Little Pony" does not appear anywhere in the game. I'm still not sure where they came up with that one...
Well, I suppose it's better than being called a "stinky bitch"..


  1. I admit, I am shaking my head so hard at some of these comments my teeth are rattling in my head (or is that the rocks between my ears?). Anyway, I just don't understand these people, err, sorry, trolls. Where do they come up with this crap? Are they really so bored that they feel it is necessary to randomly invent irrelevant things to say in a post just to "stir the pot", so to speak? Don't get me started on the poor spelling and/or lack of punctuation...

    Is it just me, or is the idea of attacking trolls with acid and fire not just a good idea while playing Dungeons and Dragons?

    1. I was actually considering the fire thing...

    2. Trolls bad! Fire pretty! :D

  2. I had to laugh when I read that My Little Pony comment.

    Actually, I see that comment as a positive one. MLP is notorious for being either loved or hated, and haters gonna hate. MLP fans ridicule those haters, they just say "I love you all" and the haters feel kinda bad about that, which may or may not stop their trolling. No harm done, everybody's happy (except the haters, which probably are never happy at all, but who cares)

    I watched parts of your video, you are quite a cautious player and you know how to dodge projectiles ;) Probably not the case with those people who complained....

    You should probably deactivate rating and comments on that video, Youtube is the mother of troll boards...

    1. You're right; I tend to use my head rather than charge into mobs, and that probably does increase my survival chances with this mod.

      I'm sure you're also right about YouTube, but I'm really not concerned with the video's ratings. It was just something that I threw out there, knowing beforehand that it won't accomplish anything.