Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Redactions

Frequent readers of this blog might note by comparing the screenshots in my previous post to the current list of comments on my randomizer mod that the DoomWorld "Archive Maintainer" has yet again been practicing his deleting skills... and yet has conveniently left the comment on my other file where I'm called a "stinky bitch" (which I had reported with the "report review abuse" button).

But I'm told it's nothing personal, all in my imagination, so now I'll just go on about my business...

EDIT: 04/28/2012

Okay, I take back some of what I've said. Maybe the Archive Maintainer isn't all bad after all. The "stinky bitch" comment has finally been deleted. Still, looking at my other uploaded files, I can't fathom the methodology he uses for deleting comments.


  1. After reading through the current total of comments on your Upgrade, it would seem that the deleting skills include random selection. A couple of posts that were referenced in replies (my last one included) are now gone, but the referencing comments are still there, and have now lost some of their context.

    1. Perhaps he puts on a blindfold, they rapidly spin him around in his chair a few times, then he presses the keys...

    2. That could be one of the more polite versions we could come up with...