Saturday, August 18, 2012


No, that's neither a Roman numeral nor am I typing in cryptograms again; PSXSM is the acronym for PlayStation Style Music and is the title of my latest Doom mod. Though the mod hasn't been fully-integrated into the DoomWorld / id Games Archives yet (i.e. it does not appear in a search with the page where it can be voted upon), it has however been accepted and added to the archives and thus I am able to provide the direct download link found there in the first sentence of this post. The DoomWorld and other various mirrors should catch up in a week or so, at which time players will then be able to vote on the mod and post their valued comments.

EDIT: Just minutes after I published this post, the mod became visible here in the Archives as well.

So now you're likely wondering what exactly PSXSM is and what I mean by "PlayStation Style Music". To put it succinctly, PSXSM is a 94.534MB Doom music replacer WAD containing tracks in .ogg format. While it actually contains no music from the PlayStation versions of the game this soundtrack in my opinion elicits the same atmospheric mood that Aubrey Hodges achieved with his legendary score that was more ambient sound than actual music, hence the title of the add-on.

Faithful readers of my little blog here may recognize most of the tracks included in this compilation; this is indeed a re-working of a previous arrangement I had done. I've given it a new title since most of the tracks have been rearranged and at least half a dozen new ones have been added. If you enjoyed the previous version of the mod, please discard it now and download this version.

There's really not much else that I can say about it, except that I hope at least a few of my Dooming readers will enjoy using this alternate music as I have.

Thanks. Game on...


  1. Great! Thanks for the efforts on your part once again. I tweeted it, i bet there will be lots of people wanting this ambiance type background "music"!

    1. Thanks. A lot of his music would probably work well with other games too.