Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still Around, Still Doin' Stuff

It's been kinda quiet here at the blog lately for two main reasons:

1.) Lately I've found myself spending quite a bit of time playing BORDERLANDS and looking forward to playing BORDERLANDS 2. I've had more fun with the game than I'd anticipated and I find myself easily losing track of the time when I'm playing. I like the game enough that at one point I considered doing a bit of a review of it here, complete with screenshots and maybe even a video, much as I have done with other games here in the past. Then I remembered that the corporations producing these video games are not paying me to endorse their products and suddenly the motivation to blog about them left me quicker than you can say "claptrap". Thus a simple statement that I'd recommend the games to others will have to suffice.

2.) My Doom Upgrade project has not died; when not playing other games newer than Doom, I'm still working on improving the mod and I plan to release a Second Edition version at some undetermined point in the future. My efforts to further improve the thing include the additions of several new monsters of my own creation (since one of the major accusations about the mod has been that I just stole a bunch of stuff from other modders). In the hopes of insuring that said creatures will be accepted by my peers, in the process I have submitted each for approval to Realm667. This has proven to be a time-consuming process; creatures that I've submitted months ago are still waiting to be either accepted or rejected while creatures submitted by other modders just over a week ago have already been approved. (I'm told that this is simply due to the fact that the site admins just have a lot to do and I should just be patient.) Anyone interested in looking at what I've submitted thus far (and how it's been dealt with) can look up the monsters here in their respective Realm667 forum submission threads (I've also submitted some brightmaps).

So that, in a "nutshell", is what I've been up to lately. If the motivation and inspiration strike me, maybe next time there will be a blog post here that's more interesting to read.


  1. I really liked Borderlands, though I ran out of steam before New Game + 'cause Claptrap's Robot Revolution bored the hell out of me.

    Borderlands 2 is fantastic, though. I miss some of Lilith's quirks but I'm already likin' the new siren's CC power and staying away from gun skill means no guilty feelings if I switch weapons. The new main city has way more character(s) than Borderlands's. Developing the characters of the original vault hunters feels weird, though.

    1. I'm about half-way through the first game now, but I'm still pluggin' away at it. I think one of the things I'm loving most about it is the way that some of the areas almost feel like classic Doom slaughtermaps...

  2. Exactly the reason i started finishing the DLC from borderlands 1, and inbetween playing borderlands 2 (lol cannnot wait too long before i play it) I am still playing DooM WADS though because it is one of my main games i keep playing. Also its nice to see you are still busy perfecting your randomizer for doom. The only thing that i had problem with was the ugly (left handed) shotgun that felt less stronger then the normal pumpaction shotgun and was pixely! But still love the monster line up!