Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game Booster

Since not all gamers can afford the latest high-end hardware for their gaming rigs, we often have no choice but to do a lot of tweaking to get games to run decently with what we have. Here's a free tool that can help along those lines:

IObit Game Booster 3

This is something that I've known about and used for a while now, but I wanted to test it thoroughly before I made any kind of official public endorsement. While it's by no means a miracle-worker or cure-all, IObit's Game Booster can improve the performance of most games by at least 30-40% on most rigs by shutting down non-essential Windows background processes that could be consuming valuable RAM and CPU resources that are needed for more important things like games. After it has been configured on its first run, Game Booster can do this with just the click of one button, which I love because it saves me from having to sort through and shut down a long list of Windows processes with the Task Manager every time I want to run one of my more resource-hungry games.

Another thing I love about Game Booster is that it can defragment individual games, which is especially useful for me since the drive I install all my games to is 2 TB and it takes forever to defragment it using the method provided by Windows 7. Most of us love things that are convenient, and this program certainly fits the bill for me in that regard. Another neat thing that the latest version does is keep track of the various temperatures inside my machine, which could help prevent permanent damage to the hardware by reminding me when I'm pushing the rig too hard.

As I've said, Game Booster isn't going to magically fix everything that ails your computer, but a 30-40% performance increase for free is pretty good in my opinion. I've been using the program for well over a year and have seen no evidence that it will do anything harmful to one's computer in any way, so I think it's safe for me to now say that it's really a risk-free deal. If you find the program not to your liking it can easily be uninstalled, so I highly recommend that every PC gamer at least give it a try once.

I'm Herculine, and I approve this message.


  1. Well now, I must say that this is an interesting idea. I am sure that my poor old system could use some assistance in running my games, seeing that my motherboard has but a single 3.4GHz processor, supported by 2 gig of ram.

    My thanks for the link! I have downloaded the new beta, and will give it a run soon :)

  2. 30-40% performance increase isn't pretty good, it's totally outstandingly awesome!

    My machine is over 5 years old, I was about to buy a new one next month, but if this works as advertised, I might delay the purchase for a while.

    I'm going on holiday but when I'm back I'll test it with all the games that don't run very well, like Skyrim and Civilization 5. Thanks for making me aware of this tool! :)