Friday, July 27, 2012

Community Chest 4 Beta

Anybody at all familiar with the Doom modding community will likely be able to tell you that the Community Chest 4 megawad project has been in the development stage for a number of years now and most of us had given up hope of living to see its completion. Well, if you click that little download link there you'll see that the wait is finally over! Today The Green Herring posted on DoomWorld the announcement of the release of the public beta and the download link which I've copied here.

Since this is in fact a beta version, at this point in time I'm not even going to attempt to review the megawad nor speak of its contents. I just wanted to pass along this news and to say congratulations and thanks to all the folks who have put in years of work on this project.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Community Chest series, here are links to the previous three megawads:

Community Chest 1

Community Chest 2

Community Chest 3



  1. I think I have heard mention of the "Community Chest" series (most likely from you), but it has not been something that I have bothered with. That said, with the links posted above, I may actually look into them. Thanks for the links :)

  2. thanks for the links