Sunday, July 8, 2012


If Bill Amend isn't a gamer himself, I'd wager that someone in his immediate family is.

These are just a few examples:


  1. Lol! I see your point! I have not followed Foxtrot for some time, so those were all new to me. Thanks for sharing them though, as it is always nice to start my day with a laugh :)

    1. Unfortunately FOXTROT is now only printed weekly rather than daily; news which I was of course disappointed to learn as I was browsing the website.

      I was actually searching for some of the older B&W weekly strips referencing OBLIVION when I re-discovered the webpage after having not looked at it for a long while. Remembering all the gaming and internet references, I decided the strip deserved mention in the blog.

      I should add a direct link to the site in the main post...