Monday, July 2, 2012

ZDoom: New And Improved!

Two years since the last new ZDoom release (SVN builds don't count), ZDoom 2.6.0 has been released. (More info can be found on the official site and forums.) At the time of this posting it is unclear whether or not this will provoke a new official release of GZDoom, but even if it does not I'd wager that the DRD Team will continue the fine work they've been doing for us for years. Thus I'll likely be checking their SVN Builds lists periodically and would recommend frequent Doomers who use these sourceports to do likewise.

Thank you Randy Heit! ZDoom (and its derivatives) are a major part of what keeps me playing this game. My gaming world would likely be Doomless without them.


There is in fact a resulting new version of GZDoom as well. As I'm typing this the word is that some technical difficulties are preventing it from being offered on the official site, but in the meantime it can be downloaded HERE.

Special thanks to Graf Zahl as well. Damn, that was quick!


  1. Thanks for the update on the updates! If not for you, I would be completely clueless, as opposed to mostly clueless ;)

    1. No prob. I also keep a bookmark of the DRD Team's site and check it periodically... which is useful between those biennial official releases.

  2. Thanks, I never noticed this either.

    Wow, it supports voxels now. I'll have to check that out :)