Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Doomyear!

I just discovered this in the DoomWorld Forums news section and thought that it's worthy of sharing here since some of you might not visit DoomWorld often. It's a clickable, sortable list of every file that was uploaded to the DoomWorld / id Games Archives from Dec. 10, 2010 to Dec. 10, 2011. Files can be sorted according to author, title, date, et cetera and clicking on an individual entry takes one directly to the page where the file can be downloaded.

I'm finding this extremely cool because lately I've been spending a bit of time in the Archives looking for megaWADs that I've yet to play. The Archives (at least when accessed from DoomWorld's web front-end) provides a search function, but sometimes it can be a bit counter-intuitive and net 0 results unless one has entered EXACTLY what one is searching for. This list is quite convenient and easy to use, and I especially like the fact that it can be sorted by a column indicating the number of maps in a submission since it's sets of maps that I'm looking for at the moment. MegaThanks to TimeOfDeath for this!

Now, if we just had something like this that covered the entire history of the Archives...


  1. Sounds good. Makes a change from the terrible search and indexing features mod sites tend to have :)

    Speaking of terrible mod site indexing, I've started messing with Morrowind. Some of those sites are badly layed out.

  2. Yeah, searching for Morrowind mods can indeed be difficult. Many leads result in 404 NOT FOUNDs and the Nexus mixed Morrowind and Oblivion together in a single site. Though he hasn't posted anything new for quite some time, I recommend checking out Jack The Reaper's ADVENTURES IN MORROWIND blog, the link to which can be found in this blog's sidebar. The first page you'll see on his blog should provide you with links to enough mod sources to at least get you started.

  3. Ah, thanks, I should I thought of that link since it's right beside the post.

    I have to admit, Morrowind looks good even with no mods other than MGE XE.

    Apart from the characters that is, though I see that there are loads of hair, head and clothes replacements. Time to put Wrye Mash to work :)