Thursday, December 15, 2011

Archive Updated

I'm not really sure why I bother to keep my works up-to-date in the DoomWorld / id Games Archives (the latest anonymously-posted "review" of my randomizer mod was simply the word "GACK"), but I suppose to someone it's worth mentioning that the FTP transfer was successful and the most recent version of my Doom Upgrade mod is now available for download there. Whether it be famous or infamous, it remains a part of Doom history...


  1. My, such an eloquent and loquacious review, not! I am thinking simpleness is indicative of the mentality of many members of that community. That said, a much more "complete" review, including if it was liked or not and why, as well as a suggestion or two or some constructive criticism, would go a long way in changing my opinion here. Yes, I know, I am asking for a miracle, but it is almost Christmas, so it could happen...maybe...

    Hmm, I think my comment is relevant to the Nexus as well. Odd that ;)

  2. @Druuler:

    At least on the Nexus members posting comments on a mod have to take some responsibility for their words since their name (though a pseudonym) gets attached to each comment and post. The total anonymity of commenting on the id Games Archives, on the other hand, has resulted in the majority of the comments submitted to most uploaded files being nothing more than blurbs of insulting profanity. The only good thing about their system is that you can only post one comment per file (unless you go to a different computer) so at least that (in part) eliminates the spamming of such nonsense.

    I don't mind people telling me they don't like a mod I've uploaded; I just think that it's pathetic on an epic scale that most of them don't have the backbone to attach a name to their comments.

  3. True. It is also true, now that you mention it, that there seems to be now way for people get punished for being so insulting and rude.

    Given that, I am not missing much by not being a member of that community. I seem to do quite well enough as it is with acquiring Doom mods without it :D

  4. Umm, that should have been "no way", not "now way"...sheesh...

  5. Fortunately, (despite the fact that I'm usually a grammar-Nazi) I don't grade for spelling or usage here. Yeah, the spell-checker is useless when things are actual words that are just misplaced...