Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aeons Of Death v6

Never let it be said that I'm afraid to let folks see my competition...

The classic Doom mega-randomizer Aeons of Death has recently been updated to version six. To describe it in a nutshell, it pretty much works the same way that my own Doom Upgrade works, but where I did my best to keep things in the original Doom flavour AEoD does its best to cram into the game every possible bit of content from every other game possible. I'm not saying that as negative criticism; I'm just saying that's what it does. But rather than attempt to describe it in text, I'll let you judge for yourself from a variety of videos and screenshots.

The mod can be downloaded from the following links (both files are required):



...and you can read more about it here...


  1. Interesting collection of...stuff, but where's the Energizer Bunny or Barney? It is an interesting concept with a neat looking HUD, but how does this make the game any less of an "unplayable mess" than your randomizer? Just curious?

  2. Well, I wasn't gonna go there, but...

    In my personal opinion AEoD uses so many additional visuals that everything just looks cluttered and confusing. You may notice in the videos that you can't even tell what some of the enemies look like; it's just explosions and bursts of gore.

    You also may have noticed all the magic wands from Heretic and Hexen, as well as many monsters that look out of place. The main reason I don't use AEoD and decided to make my own randomizer instead is because I wanted additional content, but wanted it to still feel like Doom.

    But my purpose with this post isn't to criticize AEoD, merely to share...

  3. *nods* I understand, but I still want to know why know Energizer Bunny or Barney. I'd love to blow each of them to tiny bits...repeatedly *evil grin*

    Actually, we can add Justin Bieber to that list as well ;)

  4. err, that should be "why no"... bloody hell.

  5. @DRUULER:

    I'll e-mail these to you as well, but I'll post the addresses here just in case someone else might want them. Keep in mind that I haven't tested them; not exactly my "cup of tea", but I admit they could be funny and perhaps even satisfying. (I wonder if there's a President Barack Obama monster replacer out there...)