Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fed Up

Could someone please explain to me how is it that a mod uploaded just a few days ago gets moved straight to the DoomWorld Archives Front Page and yet my mod still can't get recognized in the latest files section?

On second thought, nevermind; I think I'm gonna play Morrowind for a while...


  1. Sounds like something wrong with the way the site is set up. I'm no expert, but maybe the neccessary flag/tag required to get listed in the latest files section isn't being applied to your file when its uploaded?

    Hope Morrowind helps you feel better. *hugs*

  2. Ok, just took a wander over to Doomworld to see for myself, as I've never been there, and I see your mod on the front page, listed under "Latest Files". I'm now going with there being some major lag issues on the site for getting listed in the "latest files" section. What ever the problem is, it shouldn't even exist in my opinon. But I'm still not an expert...

  3. I followed your link to the Doomworld Archives Front Page. "Marine's Folly" is listed at the top of the Latest Files section on that page.

    Is there another link on the front page to the latest files section that I'm too blind to see? It does happen >.<

  4. Sorry, I must've misunderstood; I thought you were saying that you could somehow see it where I can't.