Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Final Draft?

"We can only hope..."

Who the heck knows? Not me, apparently...

Now, before you all start throwing darts at my picture, let me explain...

I honestly had not intended to do any more editing to my Doom Upgrade, but while I was just playing around with attempting to produce a simple little visual effect I made an embarrassing discovery:

All this time I've been testing the mod with Doom II, TNT and Plutonia; it's designed to work with Ultimate Doom as well, but really should not need extensive testing there since only half the monsters appear in the original game and my random spawners will never spawn a Doom II monster in any of their places. But I forgot one minor detail...

The above statement holds true in most cases, but in the random spawners for the Zombie and Shotgun Zombie I also included a chance that a Chaingunner Zombie would appear, just to keep things interesting. Well, guess what I forgot?

Since the default Chaingunner Zombie was never a part of the original Doom games his sprites are not included in that IWAD, which means that when my mod spawns a Chaingunner Zombie while you're playing Ultimate Doom he's totally invisible, even after he dies, except for his dropped weapon which will pop up. DOH!

I've fixed that now by including the Chaingunner Zombie's sprites in my WAD.

Let that be a lesson to you kids: stay away from the drugs. Even when you get older and don't do them anymore you'll still have days where you can't remember your own phone number.

But it's probably a good thing that I went back in and did some more editing, because I finally figured out how to get the Armor Shards to work beyond 200 and all the way up to 300. I still can't seem to keep DoomGuy from picking them up like an idiot when he doesn't need them, but I'll take what I can get since it's at least an improvement over the previous version.

Now it was apparent that I was going to need to release this update publicly, so I went ahead and threw in the little visual effect I mentioned earlier as well. Now all the skull keys are "floaty" like the rest of my alien artifacts. I couldn't let the key cards be left out, so I gave them all the animations from Knee-Deep In ZDoom. That actually required a bit of work for such minor cosmetic effects, but since I was editing again anyway I decided I should include it.

Something else I had noticed was that Captain Toenail's fancy Tech Barrels didn't have any GLDefs (lighting effects), so I went ahead and created one of my own. Again just a minor cosmetic effect, but it becomes more obvious when these barrels are in darker environments.

Oh, and did I mention that the default Cyberdemon is more deadly now with Seeker Missiles?

So anyway, here are the download links for yet another version:


Without Music: 26 MB

With PSX Music: 364 MB


As with the last version, you should be able to replace it with this new version and continue uninterrupted with any map series you were playing without having to start over... but there's a catch...

Since I fooled around with the keys (I actually had to rename every key and redefine every locked door in the entire game) this could create a problem if you start from a game save that was made mid-level (i.e. keys not working to let you finish the level). I'm not entirely certain that this would be the case, but just to be safe I recommend using my tried-and-true method of starting from a save that you've made just before exiting a map. The next map will load with all the new data and everything will be fine. I've already done this myself and it worked perfectly; I really didn't want to have to start Plutonia all over.

On that note I should probably also mention that I haven't tested this with every one of the thousands of custom maps out there, so there's a slim chance that there could be issues somewhere and obviously my mod will have conflicts with something that replaces the default keys like KDiZD. Apart from that, like everything else in my mod they are designed to work with any "vanilla" map and likewise any custom map that doesn't redefine things that my mod redefines.

Whew! It certainly has been a learning experience. Hopefully I'll be able to finish Plutonia without discovering any other issues (or getting any more bright ideas) and this will be the last update. But then, I've said that before...

Until next time, enjoy! (I hope...)

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  1. Cyberdemons with Seeker Missles? Oh joy...

    Still haven't installed the last update, so this isn't becoming tedious yet. Still not sure I want to give up my one cell per shot Devistator yet.

    By the way, did you know you can use that thing as a "pogo stick"? Comes in handy, just hard to steer O.o