Friday, July 1, 2011

No Change; No Respect

Well, a new batch of "latest files" is now visible on the DoomWorld Archives front page. Still no mention of mine of course. Looks like most of the files are by the same author. Must be one of Ty Halderman's friends. Oh, and probably not a girl; that apparently makes a big difference as well.


  1. Shall I round up the peasants; pass out pitchforks and torches?

  2. Sign me up for the mob! I'm more a torch sort of guy than pitchfork.

  3. I doubt Ty Halderman has anything against you. I also don't think most people troll the idgames archives' latest files for new WADs and Mods to try out. At least, I sure don't. You'll stand a better chance of getting recognized whenever it gets earmarked for Newstuff.

    Promote your mod in the Doomworld forums or ZDoom forums if you really want some kind of in-depth feedback. Given what I've read on the idgames archives, I doubt you'd get heaps of constructive feedback and criticism from them. Granted, the Doomworld crowd tends to scoff at randomizers nowadays, especially with DECORATE libraries like Aeons of Death hanging around.

  4. @KMX E XII:

    I've promoted the mod in such threads:

    Please note the dates of my initial posts and the fact that one of these threads still has ZERO replies. I think your theory might be a bit flawed.

    I know people don't trawl the archives (though they do indeed troll them), which is exactly why I'm pissed that it hasn't been exposed on the "latest files" page where people might actually see it.

    And just for the record: my mod IS NOT "AEONS OF DEATH". It contains no characters from "Redneck Rampage", "The Simpsons", "South Park" or any of the other ridiculous sources these people like to draw crap from for their "REOL KOOL" mods and TCs. Just sayin'.

    Look, I'm not waiting for anyone to jump up shouting: "OMG! Herculine! Your mod is so awesome!" Recognizing that it exists, however, would at least be a bit of a balm for the bruised ego...

  5. Nuts, didn't know you'd already thrown it there. Though, I'd really promote it at the ZDoom forums rather than GZDoom. I don't think the GZDoom forums get much activity as it is, since Graf halted development on the renderer.

    Also, I know it's not Aeons of Death. But it's a randomizer, and sadly, that's what it will be associated with.