Saturday, November 5, 2011


Like I was saying in the previous post, I've been experimenting with some new (new to me, anyway) sourceports to run classic Doom. During my websplorations (yes, I just totally made up that word; in five years everyone will be using it) I discovered that gzDoom isn't the only open-GL sourceport based upon zDoom. There was another, called ZDoomGL. Don't expect any new developments here; work on this apparently stopped in 2004. But if you're looking for a sourceport that's neither zDoom nor gzDoom yet is something in between, then this is exactly the thing for you.
As you can see from these screenshots from the first map of Raven, I couldn't get it to work in widescreen mode (it lists the resolutions, but the image will be stretched). But it works just as well as zDoom or gzDoom with my favorite launcher, zdl3.1a, thus allowing the loading of several multiple external files simultaneously. On the plus side, it's based on zDoom so things like MAPINFO and DECORATE lumps can still be used, but on the minus side it uses the old syntax which makes most of my recent works using the new syntax incompatible unless they're converted back to the old syntax. Still, if you're looking for a sourceport that's not as hard on your system specs and compatible with older video drivers, this could be the answer.

Anyway, I'm still websploring, and will share with you new discoveries as I stumble upon them (and have time to type and screenshot)...

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  1. Hmm, a link to more levels. I don't believe I have the Raven maps. Maybe I should correct that oversite.

    "Websplorations"? Bit of a mouthful, don't you think? If it catches on, the syllable count will most likely get reduced. Kids these days, sheesh...