Friday, November 11, 2011

Skyrim Peek

Not everyone has been able to get Skyrim the moment it hit the light of day, so for those of you who are like me and might have to wait a while, here is a video example of what we have to look forward to. (Narrated by Todd Howard.)

(It's actually three segments, so don't get impatient with your clicker...)


  1. Well thank you for posting that. I haven't really bothered to be checking any of the Skyrim promos out there, so this was rather nice to see. From what I have seen here, I have high hopes for this game, but, like with FNV, I will happily wait for others to spend their money and bug test it for me. I am quite interested in eventually playing this, but I want to hear what others have to say about it first. And waiting for patches, possible expansions and mods to come out is probably my best bet.

    There is of course only two other issues have regarding this rather pretty looking piece of software. First, the need for a machine that can play it, and play it well. The other issue, and maybe the biggest one for me, is the possibility of re-installation restrictions and Steam. This of course causes steam to seep out of my ears every time I have to deal with it...

    Okay, that was three issues.

  2. You know, I was seriously considering not getting Skyrim, but it seems people like it and it looks so shiny!

    Only real problems are:
    1: It's got a patch already!
    2: It's a Steam game -_-

  3. Steam gets me steamed too. (There's gotta be an ironic pun in there somewhere.)

    I agree that it looks real shiny, but also am wondering how much of that shininess I'll need to disable in order to play it.

    And yeah, Bethesda seems to be starting some sort of trend with these release-day patches...

  4. From what I've heard, it sounds like a decent game but has a UI that would embarrass a 1985 DOS game.

    I might be getting it as an early Christmas present so we'll see.

  5. Patched already? Now I can't help but think of Rage.

    Not planning on going anywhere near Skyrim for at least six months, maybe closer to a year. As I have mentioned to Herculine before (usually after getting more Doom goodies), I have enough things to distract me from my projects as it is. I have a couple of games sitting on the shelf already that I either haven't played in over a year and never finished yet (Gears of War) or just plain never fired up once (Bioshock). I also have a pile of mods for FO3 and Oblivion that I have just never tried out yet. I think just about everything I have for NV is installed except for the Desert Succubus ones, but my archive for NV is rather tiny compared to FO3 and Oblivion.

  6. @Druuler:Patched already? Now I can't help but think of Rage.

    I'm reminded that The Mythical Man Month states that about half the development time of software is in QA and debugging. If you don't schedule it, you spend just as long running around after the fact trying to fix stuff while the customers scream at you. If you bother to.

    Not planning on going anywhere near Skyrim for at least six months, maybe closer to a year.

    Probably a wise decision :)

  7. I have to toss my hat into the "not touching it" pile, myself.

    Aside from the fact that I can't run it -- and reading the news lately, I think there are far better ways to blow $600 than a new PC -- I've been through the releases of FO3 and FNV. Bethsoft is apparently run by morons; and every one of their games takes at least four patches before the suck is mitigated enough to be playable.

    I'd lament that I won't be "in on the ground floor" for a companion system... but that shit didn't do me much good in NV, so I think I'm going to ignore that instinct this time around.

    Assuming we still have a society in a year, I'll probably pick it up. They're usually playable by the time the GotY edition hits; and by then the video card in my PC will have gone to Valhalla and I won't have a choice but to invest in new hardware anyway...