Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skyrim Patch Info

I can't vouch for the accuracy of this article but I thought you all might find it interesting. It also mentions this article which our friend Nos mentioned in his blog. Over at the Nexus Forums speculation continues regarding the truthfulness of these statements.


  1. Chilling thought; that they're totally doing away with modding. It would explain why we've seen no word on a CS; though I would like to think Bethsoft would be observant enough to see that the only thing that sells their games is the massive mod communities that crop up shortly after release.

    Though I will note that "locking the executable" to Steam doesn't necessarily preclude modding. Plenty of games that can only be run through Steam can also be modded; just not in the method we're used to as Gamebryo players.

    While I won't get my hopes up, I think I'll also reserve the gloom 'n doom until we get an official word.

  2. Isn't Fallout:NV locked in exactly the same way?

  3. And some people wonder why I have issues with Steam...

    I shall try and await official word on this before making any further judgements myself.