Thursday, December 27, 2012

They're Baa-aack...

It's been about a month now since was hacked with malware and thus forced to close its doors to the public until things could be straightened out. Well, they're back now better than ever with a more streamlined interface and a more secure setup to hopefully keep out those annoying little bugs. This was especially good news to me since it means that my beloved Realm667 Beastiary is back as well; not only can I download great Doom resources again, but I can upload more new creations of my own as well. Kudos to the entire site staff FTW.

And to the hackers responsible for the month of down-time, I offer this advice: next time instead of hacking a gaming site that isn't causing anyone any harm, use your powers to do something useful that the rest of us can actually admire like infecting this site with malware or crippling these morons. That would impress me; what you've done so far has just been lame.


  1. That's great news indeed! Only things that need to be fixed are the forum avatars and file attachments. But apart from that, everything seems to work fine.

    And I totally agree on your 2nd paragraph. I took a look at that christian website, it seems to be from the 1950s. And I don't mean the layout or design *facepalm*. But what's up with the IRS, you didn't pay your taxes or what!? xD

    1. I pay my taxes; THAT'S what I'm upset about! ;p