Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More Not-so-random Screenshots

Recently on my friend Nos' Blog the topic of Gamebryo companion AI was mentioned and for a fleeting moment I considered trying to learn how to create a Morrowind companion of my own. While I think that urge has passed for the moment, if I ever do decide to tackle learning any Gamebryo scripting I think Morrowind would be where I would start since I assume it should be the simplest of the Bethesda Gamebryo games "under the hood". In the meantime, I couldn't resist posting another screenshot or two. While NPC behaviors in Morrowind are not nearly as complex as they are in the later Gamebryo adventures, sometimes just the simple head-tracking AI and random character placement can produce an interesting scene. I really have to wonder what intentions my Azurian companion Liona has for our little Meadow Fae friend:
Also, I left Atheri alone in Asgard for a while and on her own she apparently decided to take a swim. (Won't that steel armor rust?)
(Guest-star Jessica Alba appears courtesy THE Facepack Compilation.)


  1. I have gotten a few screenshots myself of some...questionable companion behavior. Such random instances included an instance or two of a couple companions fixating upon Clover's backside in FO3, one of which was an "up skirt" moment XD

    Thanks for the link by the way. Downloading for inclusion for when/if I get Morroblivion running.

    1. Uuuuh... original Morrowind mods don't work with Morroblivion, do they? Don't they need to be specifically designed for Morroblivion, or at least converted to the Oblivion format? Cuz if original Morrowind stuff will work with Morroblivion, I just might give it a try again...

    2. Isn't Morroblivion the Morrowind assets on the Oblivion engine? If so, I wouldn't expect Morrowind mods to work.

      I'm personally waiting for OpenMW before playing since it's advancing at a surprising rate.

    3. *shrugs* I can't remember at the moment if they do or not. Like I said, you can wait to see if my computer blows up before you give it a try, which I might do this weekend.

    4. Well, let's all hope that there are no explosions!