Monday, November 19, 2012


In my previous post I mentioned that I consider the Morrowind Graphics Extender an essential part of running Morrowind on a modern computer... but I also mentioned that it was almost a full year before my attention finally returned to the game.

Now that I've started playing again and in turn paying more attention to the mod sites, I've discovered that there is an alternate version of the utility called MGE XE. It has more features and IMHO a better GUI, and since I've started using this version the game seems to be much more stable than it was with the previous version of the utility.

(However, this is where I must point out two things: firstly, I was also previously launching the game with the Morrowind FPS Optimizer and am no longer doing so and secondly, Bethesda games are notorious for being a bit crash-happy right out of the box anyway.)

So, while I'm not going to recommend one or the other version of the graphics extender as being superior since I've learned that results usually vary from one PC to the next, I just wanted to share this info in the hopes that it might be useful to my readers.

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