Thursday, October 18, 2012

I feel so used...

I hadn't intended to post much more about this since I was already certain prior to its release that the Doom 3 BFG Edition would be little more than Zenimax/Bethsoft/id Software simply trying to re-sell to me something that I already have, but now that I've actually had some hands-on experience with the release I feel compelled to post a word of warning.

First and foremost: don't be fooled by all the hype about the "remastered graphics". For the most part these simply consist of hacks or tweaks that modify the lighting. They do make the game look a bit brighter and sharper, but the same effects can be accomplished with the original game through some configuration tweaking or even console commands. If these are remastered graphics, then I've been remastering games myself for almost as long as I've owned a PC. There are some changes to the menus that look nice, but they aren't worth buying a new version of the game for.

Which reminds me: there's no menu option available to easily access mods. Unless they can be activated through console commands, you'll likely have to forget about playing any of your favorite old Doom 3 mods with this version.

The gameplay has obviously been cheapened for the benefit of the console gamers. There's more ammo and health packs laying around and I've noticed a monster or two being absent from where I remember them being in the original. Playing the game on the "Marine" difficulty, I'm in the fourth section of the Alpha Labs already and the only times that I've died were because I fell off bridges. The changes they've made to the flashlight (being able to hold it and a weapon simultaneously) are nice enough, but since the lighting is now brighter in most areas the thing is almost superfluous.

In my opinion, the only redeeming qualities this version of the game has are the new Doom 3 levels (I think there are eight of them, but I haven't even given them a try yet) and the fact that it includes a NO REST FOR THE WICKED .wad file, at last making the Doom 2 add-on available to we PC gamers without needing to pirate it. Are these things worth $30 USD ($20 if you already have the STEAM version of the original)? If you're the sort of Doomer who needs to own every Doom thing ever made, then it's probably worth your while. If you're a gamer on a budget, then I'd suggest waiting for it to hit the bargain shelf in a few months.


  1. Why am I not surprised? And why does this remind me of the "enhanced" Baldur's Gate?

    1. In this mostly negative post I probably should have mentioned that one obvious difference between the two versions of the game is that now it is widescreen-compatible. There are probably some other technical details that a layman such as myself is unaware of (since I should have also mentioned that the new game is not compatible with my old Dell's video card while the old one still works fine with it), but to my naked neko eyes such improvements simply are not inspiring any awe.

    2. Quite possibly, but given the development of source ports it's still likely not worth it alas.

  2. Despite how much I enjoy playing Doom 3, I had no intention of purchasing the BFG edition, for any reason. For there to be a big enough difference in the graphics for me to spend money on it, they would have needed to upgrade the game engine. If things went that far, they might as well make the new Doom.

    Being that Bethesda is behind Id now, I am not certain I'll be purchasing any new versions of Doom in the future. I'll just try and do a mod for FO3 or New Vegas instead...

  3. More ammo, more health, more light? That's ridiculous. If I ever played with the thought of getting the BFG Edition, this thought is definitely gone now.