Saturday, October 13, 2012

Development and Testing

Until now I've kept revisions of my infamous Doom Upgrade mod to myself until I've felt they were worthy of an official release but today the fancy struck me to try something different this time. I'm still working on what tentatively will be called the second edition of the mod and, while I don't feel that I've accomplished everything that I want to do before calling it a final release, the current version is very much playable and I have already made enough changes to it that in many ways it is quite different from previous versions. Thus I'm going to post a link to the current version of the mod here and, if you few readers of the blog feel inclined to do so, you can download it, do some beta testing of your own and give me feedback here. This time instead of suddenly getting a new version thrown at you from out of the blue you can let me know what you think of the development thus far and even make suggestions as to what you'd like to see in the mod in the future. So, without any lengthy descriptions of what you'll be getting yourselves into, here's the link:

This is a direct link to my DropBox file, which gets updated whenever I feel I've done enough editing worthy of saving. It's a work in progress, but at this point I think the only new additions will be monsters, brightmaps and such so the file found here should always be totally playable. Enjoy (I hope)!


Oh, I forgot...

For any newcomers, this mod requires either ZDoom or (preferably) GZDoom and of course a licensed Doom IWAD. I also recommend a launcher and a custom music WAD.


  1. Thanks for the Launcher link. I was so used to making bat files that I never felt the need for a launcher, but I guess this will make things a little bit easier. I'll give it a try, later tonight I'll give the 2nd edition a try as well. Don't expect any feedback soon though, I'm quite busy and testing needs time.

    1. Thanks. There's no rush; as I said, I'm labeling this as a WIP this time. I have a stack of notes I've made for myself regarding minor tweaks I still need to make here and there, and I still have a few more monsters and even a weapon or two in mind to add yet. The file is totally playable, though, and I hope it will be enjoyed. (I'm planning a new blog post about the Soul Cube, but don't know when I'll get around to posting it as I'm considering making a video for it.)

    2. LOL...

      In the process of preparing to make the above-mentioned video, I by chance discovered that if the Hell Champion monster appears in Ultimate Doom he will be invisible in some of his states because they use the Hell Knight sprites that did not exist until Doom II. I've fixed the problem now by copying said sprites into the mod.

      This is an example of why you can never do too much testing...

      I wonder what else I've overlooked all this time...