Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guilty by association?

This is the latest work of art that my Doom Randomizer is being compared to:
Like the comment says, you be the judge.
But I've been told that I don't do anything here but whine and cry about my terrible mods that nobody likes, so now I'll just go back to watching Rosario + Vampire...

EDIT: 05/05/2012

And why is it that as soon as I post in a thread about this in the DoomWorld forums the thread gets locked? And they say I'm afraid of the truth...

...should I even mention about how more comments and votes have yet again been deleted randomly from my uploaded file? Maybe Ty has a comment and vote deleting randomizer...


  1. "so now I'll just go back to watching Rosario + Vampire..."

    Well, at least you have decent taste. Where'd I leave my Inner Moka cheering banner...?

    Probably off topic for the DOOMBLOG and all, but how is the anime? I've been reading the manga since it got translated but haven't picked up the animated version since I've read it's a bit of a hack adaptation.

    1. Since I haven't actually read the manga myself yet, I obviously can't make an informed comparison myself. However, my brother had read the manga long before I ever caught the videos and he has said that it's fairly accurate, though some of the episodes are actually taken from the author's unused stuff that was included at the end of each printed volume.

      Either way, my favorite character is Miss Shizuka Nekonome. XD

      And I know it's usually hard to tell, but this isn't the DOOMBLOG anymore; it's the GAMEBLOG. Remember?

    2. "Either way, my favorite character is Miss Shizuka Nekonome. XD"

      Is the teacher in the running in the anime? Man, that Tsukune just gets all the bitches...

      May have to pick it up. I've been slacking off and only have the manga up to volume six of season two (vols. seven and eight are presently en route from Amazon). I just hope they don't do to it what they did to Samurai Harem (the anime adaptation of which was utter shit).

      You watching it dubbed or subbed? I'm hoping they at least gave the dub an honest effort and I won't have to read what I watch instead.

      Man, my anime-to-purchase-boxed-sets-of backlog is getting way too big (and therefore expensive). Rosario + Vampire, Heaven's Lost Property, Cat Planet Cuties, Sekirei 2... you know, despite them having been out like a year and a half, I still haven't bought seasons four and five of Slayers.

      "And I know it's usually hard to tell, but this isn't the DOOMBLOG anymore; it's the GAMEBLOG. Remember?"

      You kidding? After twenty years of stimulant abuse, sleep deprivation, and various blows to the head, I'm doing good to remember the subjects of my own blogs most days. 'Sides, you mostly talk about DOOM, so :p

    3. I'm watching the dubbed version. Near as I can tell, they've done a good job with it.

      While the teacher is not "in the running" per se, she does something in the anime that I'm told she doesn't do in the manga; she doesn't have an obvious hatred of humans as is prevalent at the academy, and when Tsukune is very nearly burned at the stake for being one she's the first to speak up and say: "Gee, you couldn't possibly have beaten that guy if you really were a human." I'm sure she knows.

    4. Wow, more R+V fans. Excellent taste :)

      Though I really need to catch up with the manga, been slacking off too.

  2. What the hell did I just watch? Ahhh, my eyes, and my brain O.o In my opinion, the only redeaming feature of Warzone is the fact that you get to kill Justin Beiber...repeatedly @,--,@

    There is absolutely no compairing your Randomizer to that...mod. >.<

    Sorry, didn't mean to stay on topic ;)