Saturday, March 10, 2012

Neverwinter Nights Nexus

To whom it may concern: Robin Scott has yet again expanded his game modding site empire by adding the Neverwinter Nights Nexus, a site which hosts mods for both NWN1 and NWN2. At the moment it's not quite as well-populated as the NWN Vault, but from what I've heard a great many members of the community were in favor of having such a branch of the Nexus so hopefully it will indeed be popular. As you may note from the first link in this post, I've already uploaded my NWN Female Portrait Pack as my show of support.

My thanks go to Dark0ne for continuing to support the prolific modding of games both old and new, and also to my friend Druuler for bringing the new addition to my attention because I had no clue that the site even existed.


  1. So I can look forward to constant service outages on the Nexii for the next couple weeks until they realize their hardware isn't up to the task of yet another fanbase without upgrades?

    Excuse me while I jump for joy.

    That does at least explain why it's been slower'n hell yesterday and this morning...

  2. @Nos:

    Don't forget, he also added the MOUNT & BLADE Nexus.

    The sun never sets on the British Empire...

  3. "Don't forget, he also added the MOUNT & BLADE Nexus."

    I'd say something witty here, but I don't think I've ever even heard of that game. Sounds like one of those crap-tastic RTS games from the $10 rack at Wal-Mart.

  4. I had never heard of "Mount and Blade" until I saw it listed as one of the Nexus sites recently. I admit being a little confused about it, as I don't remember hearing any news regarding it previous to its going up. That said, there was no news about the Neverwinter Nexus going up either. DarkOne sort of snuck that one past most of us. If it wasn't for Buddha (Nexus site staff member) posting the links to it in the thread requesting a Nexus site for NWN 2, I probably still wouldn't know about that one either.

    There was a request for a NWN 2 Nexus due to the current condition of the Neverwinter Vault. Things on the IGN sites have gotten rather stagnant as of late, and the person making the request (if I remember correctly) wanted a site that was more modern and "alive" than the Vault. With DarkOne being a fan of NWN, he was more than willing to add a Nexus for it, he just wanted to know if there was any community support for it to go up. Obviously, there were enough voices (mine included) to support the move.

  5. The NWN Vault is in a sad state at the moment :(

    I do worry what will happen to the Nexus if DarkOne disappears though. So many mods might just vanish... O_O

  6. "I do worry what will happen to the Nexus if DarkOne disappears though. So many mods might just vanish... "

    Don't mind the sound you're about to hear; it's just me biting holy living hell out of my tongue...

  7. Heh, I've been aware of the single point of failure problem caused by too much centralisation for a while with regard the Nexus. It's just getting more noticeable with more and more games being added.

    Not that having a central place is a bad thing, I just worry about the lack of disaster proofing and failover. Hence I keep my own backups :)

    And don't bite your tongue, it really hurts :)

  8. I don't worry too much about the potential disappearance of the Nexii; if it happens it will be inconvenient, yes, but it won't be the end of the world. Just as is the case with so many Morrowind mods, we'll still be able to find the stuff someplace or another.