Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I haven't mentioned the "D"-word in an official post here for a while now, but after just seeing this bit of DoomWorld News that was posted a couple of days ago I just have to share...

I'm happy to announce that the Classic Doom Website DOOM DEPOT is at last accessible again. They've been having some sort of server issues for several months now (seems like just nigh a year) but appear to have finally resolved said issues.

This is significant (at least to me) because Doom Depot is the home of perhaps the earliest DOOM 64 TC and is also a great place to download full-color IWAD maps and a couple of great Doom music WADs. I've done my best here at my little blog to keep those music WADs available to the public in the absence of Doom Depot, but alas I've had issues with the file hosting sites due to the size of the files and the fact that they seem to randomly delete things I upload. At least now I once again have a reliable source to point to for people who are interested in these files.

Welcome back, Doom Depot!

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