Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fiction Versus Fact



"It pretty much turns anything it touches into an unplayable mess."

"Want to make every map an unplayable mess of random custom monsters? This is the mod for you!"


The following videos of me playing through three different maps on Ultra-Violence prove that the above statements were made by people who didn't even try the mod before they started typing:




Now, I already predict that somebody is going to pop in here and say something like: "Well sure, they're the first easiest maps of all the MegaWADs!" Perhaps, but please note the following:

During the course of each map I let plenty of creatures do damage to me, I only use like one or two weapons the entire time and do not switch to the bigger weapons when I find them, I waste plenty of ammo and I don't even bother to pick up all the power-ups. And yet somehow I successfully complete each map with plenty of resources to spare. Unplayable messes? Not by any means.

I actually played through all the original id releases, including the Master Levels, with this mod to test it before uploading the final release. While I found some of the maps quite challenging, none were impossible and in fact were quite fun. I could record videos of myself playing all those maps, but frankly I have other things to do besides upload several gigabytes of Fraps videos for people who will still post ludicrous anonymous comments even after watching them with their own eyes.


"This required no effort at all."

"...creativity, originality and longevity. Your mod features none of these qualities..."


Again, obviously statements that were typed by people who never actually played with the mod.

The mod contains over a dozen custom creatures and power-ups created solely by me. Inspired by others? Definitely. Do they appear in anything else on DoomWorld? No. Why? Because I made them myself. Let me just list a few: Railgun Sentries, Pyro Evil Eye, Poison Evil Eye, Pyrotron, Drone Elemental, Guardian Elemental, UltraSphere... you get the idea.

Furthermore, I keep reading comments to the effect that all I've done here is copy-pasted a bunch of old stuff everyone has seen a thousand times before. Well, if those anonymous commenters knew all that old stuff as well as they claim then they'd know that half that crap wouldn't even work until I fixed it and that they definitely would not all work together in the same game until I rewrote most of the scripts and corrected all the conflicts.


"What are you, 9 years old?"


I'm a couple of years older than that.

Re-read the above post. No whining or crying. Just replies to cowardly anonymous comments with facts accompanied by evidence proving that they are facts, behind which I will proudly put my name and reputation every time.


  1. The one custom creature of yours I took a dislike to was the Railgun Sentry. Even with the warning sound, I still seemed to let them get the drop on me >.< The UltraSphere was a welcome addition to the power-ups, and seemed to me to be rather rare. Given what it would do though, that was rather the point.

    I think your game play videos do a good job of disproving the "unplayability" of Doom while running your Wad. As you mentioned, you did tend to stick with using the lower powered weapons, despite picking up a few of the more powerful ones along the way. And managing for as long as you did using just the pistol. I don't think I could have done that. And you completed the levels on Ultra-Violence as well, and all without cheating!

    Oh, and the one thing I really liked about the first video was seeing the two secrets that I always seem to miss since getting back into playing. I'm so rusty...

  2. Yeah, remind me again why I created those Railgun Sentries? In the video for the HANGAR you'll notice that the only time I really chose one of the automatic weapons was when one of those nasty little bastards was perforating me...

  3. They are rather difficult to hit when they are in an alcove like that. Come to think of it, I find them difficult to hit no matter where they are. As much as I dislike them, I think you did a rather good job incorporating them into the Wad. Those and the Evil Eye variants help keep you on your toes XD