Monday, August 15, 2011


Recently my most recent addition to the id Games Archives has undergone quite a bit of scrutiny and criticism by the community, to the point that I've been labeled as a delusional liar (though I'm told DoomWorld members never personally attack each other because they have far better things to do). At first I took great offense to this, but I now apologize for a large portion of my indignant rantings because, with a bit of guidance from a friend and fellow game modder, I've experienced a bit of an epiphany. You see, as I created the monster and item randomizer and playtested it I did so with the goal of making the game more challenging and unpredictable and yet balanced, but the fundamental flaw in that creative process was that I was the sole tester thus the elements of difficulty and balance were based solely on my playing abilities. I never took into account the fact that most other players may not be as skilled as myself. As I continued to receive complaints that the randomizer turns everything into an unplayable mess and yet here at my desk continued to successfully complete some of the most challenging maps to date on Ultra-Violence with the randomizer, I realized that most of the negative comments the mod has received require a bit of "reading between the lines" and are actually criticisms that the randomizer simply makes the game too difficult for the average player. That was the epiphany that has now prompted this public disclaimer.

If any of the following statements apply to you, then Herculine's Doom Upgrade may be the mod you're looking for:

1.) I like to be challenged by the games I play.

2.) I like variety in the challenges presented by the games I play.

3.) I like unpredictability in the challenges and rewards presented by the games I play.

If any of the following statements apply to you, then Herculine's Doom Upgrade definitely is not for you:

1.) I like the games I play to be easy and present no real challenges.

2.) I prefer to have the advantage of knowing exactly what to expect when playing a game.

3.) I play my best in games that are the same every time and I've memorized all the challenges.

Hopefully this disclaimer will help prevent any future confusion by helping players decide whether or not my monster and item randomizer is suited to their individual skill levels. For those of you who have not found the mod to your liking, I hope you find something else that is better suited to your tastes and continue to enjoy the great classic game that we've come to love. For those of you who have enjoyed using my mod, I hope you continue to do so and I thank you for your support and constructive feedback.


  1. Hmm, maybe you should include this disclaimer in any future uploads. But given that it is using correct spelling and such, some of the readers might not understand it.

  2. Your mod is great. I'm sorry so many people hate on it.

    Don't understand how people can hate on someone who modded something like Doom. It's my favorite game, and this mod just spices it up. I know all the levels by heart, though I haven't played it for a couple of months now - with your mod though, the stuff is fresh, much more unpredictable and while I'm very much against random spawners I have to admit I have had lots of fun with your mod.

    Thanks again, don't let the unskilled players bring you down.

  3. Thanks for the support! I'm glad somebody is getting some enjoyment from it.