Monday, July 22, 2013

Aubrey Hodges: New Projects

Regular readers of my little blog here are already familiar with my fondness for the soundtracks composed by Aubrey Hodges for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 versions of Doom and Quake so I'll try not to bore anyone here by being redundant. (Though I must admit that after reading more about the system limitations he faced with those projects my respect for Mister Hodges has doubled.)

I bring this subject up again because this well-known composer of video game soundtracks recently left a comment on one of my previous posts concerning his works. While I confess that I'm tickled pink to see a renowned member of the video game industry visiting my casual little gaming blog, today's post is not intended to boast of that fact. Instead, I wanted to make this new post to convey some info that Aubrey mentioned in his comment that I don't want to be overlooked by readers whom it might interest. (I'm happy to provide some free advertising; I like the guy's work that much.)

So without further suspense, here is what Aubrey Hodges had to say:

Thank you for sharing my album links and I really do appreciate the kind words regarding my music. I have a ton of new material on the horizon that I have a feeling you will enjoy. Visit my site at for the latest releases. The next release will be in August, 2013 and is titled "Journey Into the Sacred Places" and is a similar ambient style... only beautiful and peaceful. Ok... gotta get back in the studio now. Regards, -Aubrey Hodges

Some of you might wrinkle your noses at that "beautiful and peaceful" part, but not I. My tastes in music are more eclectic than my gaming habits, ranging from as soothing as compositions by Beethoven and Mozart to as tumultuous as albums by metal bands like Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. From what I've heard of his soundtracks for games other than my favorites I think its safe to say that the range of Aubrey's composition talents is just as diverse and his new works will definitely be worth checking out. I'll certainly be keeping an eye (and an ear or two) on his Bandcamp page.

So I once again say thank you Aubrey Hodges, not only for your music but also for your comment here; it truly means a lot to me. Sometimes as I'm taking screenshots of games and typing I honestly wonder if anyone reads this apart from the handful of friends I've made along the way, so hearing from you really made my day.

Thank you and may you enjoy continued success. -Dianna


  1. I bet you never thought that would ever happen. It is always a good feeling to be a fan of someone's work, and have them turn around and acknowledge that fact. :D