Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rejection #1


  1. So, I am assuming that it was rejected for inclusion for the site? Just wondering, as it was one of the Moderators that posted the comment. Also, is the file still available through the link in the post? Your wee beasty might prove to be rather interesting to add to my game (for when I get back to playing it again...).

  2. Yes, and yes. Sorry I didn't include more details in my post on this end, but I figured those two posts on their forum pretty much told the story. (He rejected it within mere minutes of my initial submission.)

    I'm currently working on an updated version of the monster which I may or may not submit to Realm667, but you can bet your BFG that it will appear in the next update of my Doom Upgrade.

  3. Update? Already? From you? Shocking! *dodges*

    Okay, I will get me hands on your wee beasty a bit later. Thank you :)