Sunday, February 5, 2012



  1. So...

    I have to learn a completely new scripting language, the cell editor is going to take three times as much memory as it used to owing to the dynamic shadow renderer, dialogue editing now has a retarded flow-chart format, and there's a wiki that will never be updated (go browse the GECK wiki for FONV scripting functions and then we'll talk about how much attention to detail Bethsoft has regarding updating such things)?

    The lone glimmer of hope here is that it at least doesn't look like Steam integration will be mandatory; which will also have the side benefit that the Nexii may get its head out of its collective ass and abandon that nonsense about paying modders.

    I'm sure they'll get rave reviews for the scene editor though, since setting up scripted battles involving four hundred and seventeen NPCs seems to be what everyone wanted to do with FNV.

    At this point I see no reason to un-dub it the SuCK.

  2. Hurray! The SuCK is finally coming out! Now excuse me whilst I go back to Oblivion and leave the new headaches to the experienced folks...

  3. The subscription based auto-install is what worries me. I can see many, many broken installs arising from that, especially if you can't download without installing.

  4. @Kirtai:

    It worries me as well. I prefer to have control over my computer, not the other way around.


    As soon as I heard the bit about the new scripting language I thought of you; I knew you'd be thrilled.


    Probably a wise choice; I'm tempted to follow your lead and let everyone else work out the bugs for a few months before I bother to try doing anything with it.

  5. "As soon as I heard the bit about the new scripting language I thought of you; I knew you'd be thrilled."

    So, does that mean I'm your idea of a scripting specialist; or am I just that chronic a whiny bitcher?

  6. @Nos:

    It means that I get the feeling that, like myself, you are resistant to unnecessary change.

  7. @Herculine:

    Well, that's certainly the most diplomatically I've ever seen that put.

    You're totally correct, though.

    Show me a legitimate increase in performance or stability or functionality and I'll roll with the times even if I do have to relearn... but changing everything up just to say "hey, look what we made! Aren't we innovative?!" annoys me on a level so epic it could be the subject of a Norse poem.

  8. Something else that's concerned me is that if Bethesda & Valve screw things up enough with the Steam Workshop integration we'll get a mass exodus of modders from public releases. I know of at least one who's withdrawn his mods in protest already.

  9. I think you might be correct in that, Kirtai. Mind you, I am inclined to think that "if" might not be the correct term, but I am not quite willing to say it will be "when".

  10. I've been hesitant to voice my full pessimism on this, but unfortunately I've been concerned that such a mass exodus will indeed transpire. I'm not talking about pirates here; I'm talking about honest modders who quite simply are growing tired of every aspect of their leisure pass-times being subjected to increasing scrutiny and control. And when it does all go South, a certain popular family of modding sites is going to be right there to state that it proudly supports Valve, Steam, Bethesda, et cetera et cetera yadda yadda yadda...

  11. On that note Herculine, I remember seeing Darkone posting something about how Steam had just prevented him from playing any of his 80 odd games that required being connected to Steam while he was having some issues with his internet connection. This was right after Steam's latest update removed the "offline" option.

    I just shook my head and wandered away from the page, trying not to laugh out loud.