Thursday, September 29, 2011

Persistently Consistent

Here's the latest review for my randomizer on the id Games Archives :

The monsters are ass, thus the realm667 bestiary is ass which is not surprising considering almost everything else on there that's community-driven like the armory is ameteurish ass. Seriously, this is such complete and utter ass that my ass would cringe upon the thought of shitting upon it because doing that would be like encasing this in gold. Yes, this is worse than AEoD because it's not even trying either with all its 5-minute copying and pasting, AEoD had some sort of effort put into it.

Like I said, at least they're consistent...


  1. Consistency is supposed to be a good thing *sigh* Not so much in this case. I am not sure what these people use for brains, but I'm thinking its "rothe iblith" (I'll be surprised if anyone knows what I just said). None the less, I have said this before and I will say it again, I won't play Classic Doom without your Randomizer! There, consistency the way it should be :)

  2. LOL Yes Druuler, I have admired your persistence as well.

    I was simply impressed by how many times this one was able to use the word "ass" in a single paragraph.

  3. Yes, I noticed that. I was becoming impressed with the fact that he or she was capable of saying words other than "ass" >.< Well, the obvious "ass"-fixiation, I stand by what I mentioned earlier in regards to what is being used for brains, and it is "defecately" not the usual grey matter.

  4. Umm, that should be "with the obvious..." *ahem*

  5. It is my (un)professional opinion that this person is twelve and just learned a new word.

    I know, because my brother was the same way. When he was 12-ish -- before he could get away with swearing -- he used to add the word "butt" to everything. Expletive, descriptor; hell, he tried to use it as a verb a few times.

    The quoted comment has much the same feel to it -- save that this kiddie figured out they could swear and not get a spankin' on the internets.

    On consistency, I have a motivator for such occasions. Where did I put it...

    C4: because sometimes you just don't care. No, that ain't it.

    Attitude: being airborne means never having to miss an opportunity to let others know you're better than they are. Heh, I love that one... but no.

    Disturbed: that uncomfortable feeling your neighbors get when they watch you empty your trunk. That actually happened to me, once, years ago... but still no.

    Ah! Here it is. This pretty well sums up my position on consistency.

  6. Someone on the DoomWorld Forums once said that this is the fame I've been looking for. I guess I should be thankful that I'm at least famous for something...

  7. @Herculine: Be careful what you wish for comes to mind. Of course, that is assuming that you were actually wising for it...

    "Disturbed: that uncomfortable feeling your neighbors get when they watch you empty your trunk. That actually happened to me, once, years ago... "
    I actually did that to some (upstairs) neighbours of mine several years ago. I told them not to open the fridge in the laundry room if they ever found it running. Then plugged it in and turned it on about a week later. I kept some strange hours at that point, so they were suitably creeped out XD