Saturday, May 28, 2011

So Far, So Good...

Just a quick note for anyone interested...

I've just finished playing through the entirety of TNT: Evilution on Ultra-Violence with the current version of my upgrade mod. There were times when my skills were put to the test but nothing was ever impossible, so it seems that I've achieved my goal with the project. (The Devastator and the Seeker Bazooka are both very handy... once you learn to use them without blowing your own ass off...)

Being the creator of the mod and a bit of a perfectionist I couldn't help but notice a couple of very minor issues that I wish I would have caught before making another release, but nothing major enough that a new version is warranted just yet. In fact, these things likely won't even be noticed by anyone who doesn't know the inner workings of these things, so I'm not going to name them here and if nobody ever comments on them I'm not going to worry about them.

Overall the mod is working great and is great fun to use; I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. If others enjoy it as much as I am then the work definitely will have been worthwhile.


  1. Its good to know that you are as happy with it as you are. I don't really need anymore encouragement to try it out, based on how pleased I am with the last version, but a small bit of prodding won't hurt...unless you sharpened the stick before hand :P

  2. @Druuler:

    Oh, it's a definite improvement over the previous version and I humbly highly recommend it... though you might want to play on the default "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty until you get used to it before diving into the "Ultra-Violence" difficulty. Some of the new monsters can be a bit nasty... but it's still my hope that those new weapons and power-ups will help even the odds for others besides myself.

  3. LOL...

    Just to reiterate earlier statements:

    It is a randomizer. Some of the monsters can be a bit nasty.

    Having finished TNT last night, I decided to start Plutonia today...

    Using my mod I had to reset the first level about half a dozen times before I could live through it. The first level!

    Mind you, by default it's not an easy first level anyway. On Ultra-Violence you start with just a pistol, there's like a dozen Revenants, an Arch-Vile, Mancubi...

    My advice: when playing through an IWAD or custom MegaWad with my randomizer, when you see the exit of a level be sure to save your game before you exit. That way, if the randomizer totally screws you at least you can go back and roll the dice again.

  4. Having never played TNT or Plutonia before, I will most certainly keep that in mind O.o

    There's how many whats? Eep!